AIOFP 2020 Conference Bangkok


2020 Conference Bangkok

The 2020 offshore conference is based in dynamic Bangkok with an optional tour to experience extraordinary Israel.

This is an event not to be missed! More information to follow shortly.

AIOFP 2020 Conference
2020 conference
bangkok temple

Early Bird Rate $1350 (valid until 1 June)

Full Price $1525 no GST

Explanation of Conference Fee

Our approach is different to most other conference formats – and it works. The conference fee covers all professional and social events - for example hotel lunches, conference hotel fees for equipment, transfers etc. It also covers the social events including welcome drinks/dinner, restaurant function and river cruise consumption. We also embed a $500 margin for the AIOFP funding and costs for guest speakers.

Partner Fees

Over the years the AIOFP has been caught with the cost of partners attending functions they should not be at. [Hotel staff do a head count…] This eventuality gets embarrassing and messy for all concerned. To use an industry term Partners either OPT IN for all functions or OPT OUT for all, we do not want to split them. We also pay a fee per head regardless of what is consumed trying to get cost relief based on being a non - drinker is problematic. Based on the above, the partner fee is the same as a delegate.  

Program and Agenda Content

Our conferences are about working hard and playing almost as hard. We are not into speakers who have scaled Mt Everest, we are into industry relevant information to maximise intellectual growth and satisfy FAESA CPD requirements. Our program will be out around 30 days from the event to ensure the content is up to date. We have included plenty of time to sight see around the city. The broad agenda is Tuesday night welcome function, Wednesday morning conference session/free afternoon/function that night, Thursday morning session free afternoon/night, Friday morning session free afternoon/cruise that night. The hotel will give you the same rate 3 days either side of the event if you want to stay longer.

Why Israel?

It is the commercially happening global place for IT development. The education agenda will be specific to Israel and the local Chamber of Commerce are organising guest speakers and onsite visits. Telaviv is a popular social destination for Europeans and the history is amazing, it is a very cool place to go!

We boldly suggest our conferences are the best in the industry for content, format and networking, hope to see you there to experience it.

AIOFP 2020 Conference