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Registered Tax Practitioners

From 16 October to 5 November the Tax Practitioners Board (TPB) will be advertising to small businesses encouraging those who use an agent for their tax or business activity statement matters, to check that agent is registered. We will encourage small businesses to:

  • look for the registered tax practitioner symbol
  • check the TPB Register.


The TPB will be undertaking advertising online (including on mobile phone platforms) and social media. Specifically advertisements will be published on:

  • Newscorp sites including,, The Australian, The Herald Sun, Daily Telegraph, Courier Mail, Advertiser and Perth Now
  • Yahoo!7 Finance
  • Big Mobile
  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn.

How you can help

We would value your assistance during this period by:

  • encouraging your members who are registered through the TPB to download and use their registered tax practitioner symbol
  • sharing our Twitter and LinkedIn posts during the advertising period.

For more information, contact