If FASEA is a concern to you please read this document in its entirety and seriously consider participating in the suggested Political strategy.

It is time for all Advisers to reunite and use our collective numbers and political clout to seek change to our professions greatest ever threat. Over the next 6 – 9 months there is a political window of opportunity with a federal election looming, a struggling Turnbull Government and a damaged FASEA brand to challenge.

The AIOFP board has decided to take a politically aggressive approach to this repugnant and grossly unfair behaviour by the FASEA Board. Other Associations have either decided to agree with FASEA or take alternative more subtle action, we think it is time to act with strong strategic intent.

Numbers are our greatest asset and we need ALL to get involved to give the best chance of success. We have potentially 25,000 Advisers, 50,000 support staff and 5 million clients, a significant mass of political capital if it can be harnessed and coordinated into effective action and this starts with you.

The second step is to spend this political capital wisely.

Our first strategy is to get 100 clients from 10,000 Advisers to sign a petition supporting you as their adviser and reject FASEA actions – see attached suggested Petition. If we can assemble 1,000,000 signatures this is an excellent start to get attention from Politicians. We encourage you to commence this process and keep the document in preparation to be forwarded onto your local Federal Politician at the appropriate time.

To achieve our objective, we may need to consider dealing with Political factions that may not match your past allegiances or loyalties, please keep an open mind going forward. Self – interest should convince you that your career/business is more important than the negative feelings of a particular political party.

As an example, FASEA and the Turnbull Government has disillusioned many about their attitude to small business and the Advice industry. As an ‘insurance policy’ going forward we need to broaden our political base by seriously considering joining the left-wing Financial Sector Union [FSU] who has considerable power in the ALP [an opposing faction to Shorten]. This may go ‘against the grain’ for some but if it will protect your business and future…..

This document will be now be forwarded to every Federal Politician and we encourage you to send it onto any other advisers or Industry stakeholder to seek their support.

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