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Why Choose an AIOFP Adviser?

Who Owns Who?

Identifiy the partial or full ownership of the larger financial planning practices by the financial institutions.

What is a Certified Financial Strategist?

AIOFP is the Peak Body for Independently Owned Financial Advisers in Australia

Independently Owned Financial Advisers

Why should you see an Independently Owned Financial Adviser?

An independently owned financial adviser stands out from their peers. Most large financial planning firms and "private banking" services in Australia are fully or partially owned by banks or other financial institutions. AIOFP advisers are not affiliated with banks or insurance companies, which means we work only for you, the client.

At the AIOFP, we believe that every investor in Australia deserves the comfort of knowing that their best interests are being put first. An independently owned financial adviser sits in a unique position of being able to research, assess and present all the best options available to a client, and assist in making the best decision for you without the conflict of being affiliated with a financial institution.