Controlled Enrage and Engage

This document neatly summarises our political strategy, why we are doing it, what you can do to help, and a Q&A on the most commonly asked questions about it. We encourage you to send the enclosed video onto your clients (link in top right corner of video) to ENGAGE them into the political conversation over why their Advice…

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Creating a fairer compliance regime for Consumers and all stakeholders

compliance regime

An elementary facet to our discussion is ALL costs of compliance imposed onto Advisers are factored into their business model and ultimately Consumers are paying for it, this reality seems to be lost on some key stakeholders. PETER JOHNSTON AIOFP Executive Director The compliance requirements imposed onto Financial Advisers are complex, costly, bureaucratic, demanding, unnecessary…

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Changes to Annualised Salaries

Australian Currency

Every 4 years the Fair Work Commission conducts a review of modern awards. As a result of the latest review, new clauses regarding annualised salary arrangements have been inserted into several awards, including the Banking, Finance and Insurance Award 2020 (the Award), which covers employees in financial planning profession. Effective 1 March 2020, employers who…

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