Certified Financial Strategist

Certified Financial Strategist

CFS Designation

Like any profession there are always different levels of adviser competency and environments in which they work. The Certified Financial Strategist designation was specifically designed to select the ideal set of guidelines, standards and environment to receive professional independent advice.

Benefits of a CFS Adviser

  1. CFS advisers must work for an independently owned financial practice – there is no conflicting influence of institutional ownership
  2. CFS advisers charge on a fee for service basis – they receive no commissions or other conflicting inducements from product manufacturers or institutions
  3. CFS advisers have access to filtered research facilities which is critical to the advice process – filtered research ensures ongoing surveillance of the product and markets
  4. CFS advisers are highly qualified – they must hold a Diploma of Financial Planning and have a minimum of 3 years experience as a financial adviser
  5. CFS advisers are ASX and industry fund educated – direct ASX products and industry funds are important segments of the market that need to be considered in a client’s portfolio

These benefits of using a Certified Financial Strategist represent the ultimate environment for dispensing advice. The Certified Financial Strategist adviser possesses all the critical elements to give clients peace of mind that they are acting in the client’s best interests with reliable information and advice in a cost effective and conflict free manner.