Filtered Research Committee

Filtered Research Committee

FRC History

AIOFP has been critical of the widespread industry practice of product manufacturers paying research houses to rate their products. This profoundly conflicted practice has been a major contributor to the $29 billion of failed or frozen funds since 2006 where all products had a positive rating from at least one conflicted research source.

FRC’s objective is to deliver a cost effective professional service to members using global player Mercer for managed funds and Lincoln Indicators for ASX products. They are complemented by local entity McGregor Asset Consulting.

The FRC constructs a concentrated Approved Product List which is under constant review by an independent asset consultant. The APL includes updated performance and asset allocation data to allow you to make informed decisions on behalf of your clients and assists you in your Compliance requirements. Furthermore, the FRC also constructs model portfolios for your use including performance benchmarking.

The FRC includes:

  1. Profiles of Exchange Traded Funds (ETF), Listed Investment Companies (LIC) & Managed Funds including the quarterly report of well rated funds
  2. Regular updates on FRC activities via the AIOFP website
  3. Email alerts of research changes to the Managed Funds in your model portfolios
  4. A Quant tool to review the intricate details of your clients investments and portfolios
  5. Super Comparator tool to allow you to compare superannuation funds for a Statement of Advice.
  6. Historical library of research papers
  7. The FRC provides integrated ETF, LIC and Managed fund profiles within Coin and Xplan’s software for ease of templating your Statements of Advice and review reports.